Saturday, May 8, 2010

Change of time, love

I'm sitting outside a cafe, staring at a parking lot, drinking iced coffee, and listening for the millionth time to Josh Ritter's new album So Runs the World Away. 

I need to blog more, which is not the same as saying that I lead a fascinating existence.

I felt like my brain was turning to mush (and this was even after I managed to give up America's Next Top Model, thank you very much) so I pulled out the Books I Don't Understand from moving boxes that will never get unpacked.  I've been spending the week with Kristeva's "Revolution in Poetic Language" and Elizabeth Grosz's Time Travels. Both are strangely exciting, though I'd be hard-pressed to actually summarize the Kristeva.

I'm definitely ready to work again, but we'll see what that looks like. I doubt there are any adjunct openings nearby for summer, but hopefully by fall I'll have made contact and found a few classes to pick up. In the meantime, I strangely miss working in a cafe, so I'm hoping that plan will come through for the summer.

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