Friday, September 25, 2009

Giving in, Reading List, Marshmallow Fluff

I just gave in. I'm on Twitter now as erinlyndal . We'll see what comes of this. Feel free to add me.

Hope everybody is having a fantastic Friday. It's started to feel like fall here, and aside from slightly autumnal walks down the bike paths, I'm in denial.

Lately I'm reading an odd mishmash of books. The poetry I keep reading is:
Practical Water by Brenda Hillman
Sea Change by Jorie Graham
Tales of Horror by Laura Mullen
Figured Image by Anne-Marie Albiach

The poetry I'm writing is, well, um... At least I'm becoming acquainted with the many viruses of the honeybee, which must count for something.

Nothing interesting going on this weekend aside from a Marshmallow Fluff Festival of some sort. Yes, that kind of fluff. One wonders just how much they can do with it, but I expect I'll find out if I go.

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