Sunday, December 20, 2009

happy snow days!

Happy snow days, everyone!

I'm finally out of this snowstorm thanks to some mysterious entity who cleared my driveway. Okay, I think it was just the neighborhood association thing, but I like the idea of a kind-hearted soul who goes around clearing people's driveways.

Anyway, I'm now repatriated in Appalachia, having moved back to Virginia. It's exciting and strange to return as an adult to a town that has so many memories of childhood and adolescence embedded in it. Especially adolescence--I can almost taste the nights of endless driving my friends and I used to do, this one overpass we'd always stop at, the mix tapes we'd make.

Not that any of that is all that different from how I spend my time now, of course. I've fallen off the radar a bit lately since VenusZine (and have sadly shut down and the music writing has been slow elsewhere. I want to do more of it, though, so if anybody can suggest a place to which I could contribute, I'd be glad for any recommendations.  I do have a couple short stories coming out soon (one in Ocean and one in Nate Pritts' awesome H_NGM_N) and a batch of poems in slantpoetry, so I'm glad that I'll at least have something to show for myself.

No job yet here, though I've been watching an impressively semi-professional amount of Hal Hartley movies. Can that be a job? I think Amateur is my favorite so far, though I also really like Trust and The Unbelievable Truth. I have sadly little to recommend in the way of reading--books are playing the part of Things to Be Unpacked right now--but I'm looking forward to reading A.S. Byatt's latest novel soon. 

C'est tout. Enjoy the winter, wherever you are.

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